Sunday, April 10, 2011

New (PG) Location

SPIRIT has moved to a new location. Best of all, it's on a PG sim now! That means everyone, both teen and adult, can now shop for all your cheerleading and dance items safely and securely.

Come check out the new location at:

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Cheer & Dance Jewelry from SPIRIT

At long last, new jewelry has come to SPIRIT!

For the cheerleaders, we have megaphone necklaces, megaphone charm bracelets, and mini megaphone belly rings in your choice of gold or silver metal, diamond studded or plain metal megaphones, and texture change sculpted gemstones on the belly rings.

For the dancers, we have a ton of new necklaces featuring texture change sculpted gemstones, sculpted lettering, hearts galore, tribal dance themed, and more! order to see these brand new cheer and dance jewelry, there's a tiny catch. They're currently only available at the Jewelry Fair! So tp on over to the fair (use the SLURL below and follow the red beam to find the SPIRIT booth), where you'll find all the latest and finest crafted cheer and dance jewelry at a temporary discount!


After the fair, look for updates as to when these items become available at the SPIRIT store. ;)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SPIRIT Dazzlers Featured in Avenue Magazine!

The SPIRIT Dazzlers were extremely honored and excited to be featured in an article in the May 2009 issue of Avenue Magazine, starting on page 264!

You can read this issue online at, as well as pick up a copy of this issue in-world at the Dazzler Center Showcase at

Thank you Avenue Magazine for giving the SPIRIT Dazzlers this wonderful honor!

New Release: Ballet Wedges

Whether you need shoes for casual or more formal occasions, the new SPIRIT Ballet Wedges make a elegant, feminine finish. Available in 18 colors with either a cork or black lacquer wedge, these sculpted shoes feature satin ribbon laces and bows that twine around the feet and calves. They can be worn two ways, either without the upper laces for a simpler look, or with the upper laces for a more dramatic style. No mod/copy/no transfer, upper laces resizable scripted.

Now available at SPIRIT in the following colors: Autumn Brown, Black Swan, Copper, Cream, Fuschia, Gold, Grape Leaf, Hot Pink, Lavendar, Lemonade, Lime, Navy Blue, Plum, Rain, Rose Red, Sugarplum Pink, Tangerine, and White.

Hair Fair 2009 Releases

I am so excited to get to participate in this year's Hair Fair! It's been a 2 year dream of mine, so the excitement level at SPIRIT is extremely high. So high that, once I got started making hairstyles for this event, I ended up going overboard and making WAAAY more than the maximum of 5 allowed. So look for additional styles to be released very, very soon.

In the meantime, the following are the five styles currently available at the SPIRIT booth at the Hair Fair (look in the NW sim of the fair for the red and yellow striped, double tiered cake). Also available at the SPIRIT booth are two dollarbies. These hairstyles will only be available at the Hair Fair until July 5th, when they will then become available at the SPIRIT store. The dollarbies will go on sale at regular prices after July 5th.

Birds of Paradise Collection: Feathered Ponytail (available in 4 colors):

Birds of Paradise Collection: Caged (features an animated sculpted bird - available in 16 shades sold in 4-packs):

Birds of Paradise Collection: Grass Nest Ponytail (nonflexi except for the flexi hair standing straight up behind the diamond encrusted, sculpted bird - available in 16 shades sold in 4-packs):

Pro Cheer Flexi Hair: Pyper (flexi - available in 16 shades sold in 4-packs):

Pro Cheer Flexi Hair: Pyper Ponytail (flexi - available in 16 shades sold in 4-packs):

Hair Fair Dollarbie Style: Nutcracker Collection - Sugarplum Fairy, Pink Jeweled:

Hair Fair Dollarbie Outfit: Lolly Ballerina:

SPIRIT Hair Fair Booth SLURL:

--SavannahAnn McMillan
Owner, SPIRIT ... for everything cheer and dance in SL!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

SPIRIT Grand Opening!

SPIRIT's got a whole new look and TONS of new releases coming out! AND our models, the SPIRIT Dazzlers, have a brand new Dazzlers Center featuring our very own football stadium, theater stage, and showcase!
To celebrate the joint grand opening of SPIRIT's brand new store design and the new SPIRIT Dazzlers Center, the SPIRIT Dazzlers Professional Cheer/Dance/Modeling Team will be performing this Saturday at 3 pm SLT. Come see this one time only performance featuring some of SPIRIT's latest hip hop and ballet clothing, pick up free gifts (including the new SPIRIT Dazzlers Collectible Trading Cards, the first ever 2009 SPIRIT Dazzlers Swimsuit Calendar, and SPIRIT goodies) and be entered to win randomly awarded SPIRIT gift certificates! Then stop by the new SPIRIT store for sales, new skins, new cheer, hip hop, and ballet clothing, hair, jewelry, and much more!

SPIRIT Dazzlers Center SLURL:
SPIRIT Dazzlers Website:

Friday, March 27, 2009

SPIRIT's First Machinima Commercial!

Presenting SPIRIT's first ever machinima commercial...

Everything shown is from SPIRIT, including the skins worn by the SPIRIT Dazzlers models, their hair, jewelry, clothing, shoes, the Torros Cheer Uniform Scottie Dog, the furnishings, and even the two cheer poses shown by the standing models.

The models featured are the gorgeous, always classy SPIRIT Dazzlers. Featuring (in order of appearance) SPIRIT Dazzlers Director Pyper Dollinger, SPIRIT Dazzler Vitality Lollipop, myself, and SPIRIT Dazzlers Charmie Latte, Tatiana Kurri, and Nemi McCoy.

Great job, ladies, you look fantastic and really know how to show off all the designs from SPIRIT!